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As I Fall - Ebook JPG.jpg

Haunted by the memory of the monster posing as her father and by the sound of her mother’s pleading cries, Samantha Boward only wants one thing—to forget her past and to live a normal life.

When she gets transferred to Murny Lake High School, Sam meets a young girl on a similar path who aims to teach her a thing or two about surviving this nightmare we call life.

Rule number one? Don’t take crap from anyone and do whatever the hell you want.

Rule number two? Numb the pain.

But what if obeying these rules means following directly in her father’s footsteps? At this point, however, Sam is willing to try just about anything to stop the pain, even if that means following the clouded judgement of a troubled girl.

What she doesn’t know is that once she gets a taste for the high, she may never want to come down.

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