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Under the new social order, women no longer have rights.

“A very unique and disturbing apocalyptic scenario where men declare war on women.” – Amazon Review

Eighteen-year-old Eve Malum watches in horror as rioters tear through the streets of Washington D.C, setting cars and buildings on fire. She always thought the end of the world would be caused by a nuclear war, or even a pandemic.

But not by this… not by a sex ratio imbalance.

To stop the violent nation-wide riots, President Price unleashes the military and grants soldiers a shoot to kill order. As citizens are slaughtered on American soil, something tragic happens to Eve, leading her to join one of Washington’s most influential resistance groups. Blinded by rage, Eve vows to do whatever necessary to put a stop to the injustice once and for all… even if it means getting blood on her own hands.

Chilling, twisted, and frighteningly vivid, Eden will draw readers into a dark dystopian world like no other.